MY TOP 10 “to do list”

I’m not usually one to subscribe to the idea of the “bucket list”. I mean, I undersand sometimes people need something like death to give them the drive to things they normally wouldn’t. All I have to do is wake up. I’m also a weirdo travelphile (its a word i think). Now, I DO love lists. I live off of lists (I should have “LIST LOVE” tattooed on my lower knuckles now that i think about it) as I have the memory of a gnat…list are my life line. Without them I would be just walking around the world aimlessly. My phone has easily, 40 different lists on it. It’s really quite ridiculous actually. Anyway, I’m getting off track here. I guess I just don’t agree with the term “bucket list”. Maybe i’ll just make a “to do list”. There, I did it. New invention…a “to do list”.

So, recently I read a post from Brooke Saward of of her reply to Trip Advisers “TOP 25 Best destinations in the world”.  Brooke was able to write about all the places on the list, as she has been to each and every one of them. Myself, having only visited about 8 of the list, became suddenly very disappointed with my travels. After a short lived, mild depression, I decided to make my own “to do list”. A list of places I HAVE to see. Then of course after I finish it, i’ll make another list, finish that one, and then…start another. Starting to see a pattern here? The struggle is real. #thestruggleisreal (are hashtags a thing in blogs?)

Hope you enjoy my list and it’ll maybe inspire you to make your own. What would your list look like?

Here’s mine (tentative of course):




South Africa is not only one of my most wanted places to visit, it is also a country on one of two continents that I have yet to travel to. South Africa isn’t just home to the “Big Five” (African Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, African Lion, and African Leopard) it also has one of the richest cultures and most breath taking backdrops of any country in the entire world. And Sharks…Can’t forget about the sharks. I love sharks! Like a lot. This trip will be the one with a blog title “This One Time I Swam With Some Sharks” Also, I can’t forget about the Rocklands. Rocklands, South Africa is basically is like Disneyland for rock climbers (bouldering to be specific). World Class Bouldering. Hopefully I will be posting about this beautiful and wild place while enjoying some Bobotie in the fall of 2016.




I don’t know a whole lot of people who have been to Iceland. Of those few, every single one of them has told me that it’s the most magical place on earth. All the hiking and waterfalls a man can want. It has tons of volcanoes and volcanic rivers, Blue Lagoon, The Northern Lights, crater lakes, ice caves and waterfalls. Did I mention waterfalls? The more I read about this unbelievable place the more I can’t wait to see it for myself.


What can I say? Antartica is the wildest place on our planet, which makes me extremely interested in going there. It will also be the 7th and last continent for me to travel to. It’s expensive to get to, severely remote, and grossly untravelled (all of which make me want to go even more). Very few people have even been here (I actually only know one person who has). Some day Antartica, some day.

4. SPACE (The Final Frontier)



Seriously, who doesn’t want to go to space? I mean as a traveller, it’s like Mt Olympus. A place where the gods live. I hope that I can live long enough to be able to afford to do this: Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic has plans for commercial flights to space in the near future. For just a small fee ($250,000) you will be able to travel into the stratosphere for a once in a lifetime view of the Blue Planet from altitudes of over 70,000 ft. Now I just need to save up a little more money, or win the lottery.



Pokhara valley, Nepal (

This isn’t a prioritized list, if it was, Nepal would be in the number one spot. There isn’t another place I would rather go then here if given a choice. A trek through the Himalayas would be of the highest priority as it is THE epitome of an outdoorsman’s (such as myself) mecca. Nepal is obscenely slathered with lakes, mountains, birds, elevation, food (oh my Nepalese Food) and wonderful people. Nepal is home to some of the most remote and incredible sights that nature has to offer, contrasted with the most populated and colorful cities in the world. Commercialism meets nature on the grandest of scales. The countries Capital and largest city, Kathmandu is rich with culture, personality and color as well as bustling with local mercantilism. It’s an exciting and terrifying place and I can’t wait to go.




The juxtaposition of incredible, vast wilderness and the tallest mountains in the world with some of the most over populated and filthy cities is absolutely fascinating to me. Towns bursting with color, noise and motion and mountains and deserts with defining silence define China. The mixture of tradition and peace with modern commercialism and violence is not only confusing and interesting, but absolutely terrifying, so of course I HAVE to see it for myself.


Sunrise over the Salto Grande cascades, with the Cuernos del Paine mountains - in Torres del Paine national park, Chile.

Torres del Paine (Photo:

Do I even need to write any thing about Patagonia? Just look at the picture and you will know why.


Havana, Cuba (Photo :

Havana, Cuba (Photo:

Due to recent reduction of trade and travel restrictions for Americans, Cuba has become quite the hot topic. So what does this mean for would be travelers to the “Forbidden Island” of the Caribbean? According to this White House Report there are 12 categories that one must fall under before being admitted into Cuba. As of yet, leisure travel is still prohibited. As soon as those ‘gates’ open, you bet your ass i’ll be standing in line to see this wonderfully forgotten island.



Singapore (Photo:

Two words: Singapore Sling. OK, not really. Singapore has the most lavish buildings, cleanest streets, bathrooms that you can supposedly eat off of (I’m gonna just take their word for it), incredible food and the fact that it is the second safest country in the world (due to their SEVERE punishments for crime) are just a small fraction of reasons I want to go to Singapore. They speak “singlish”, which a mix of Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Punjabi and a slew of other random languages mixed into one. They have huge botanical gardens and nature reserves. Considered one of the greatest cities in the world makes me want to steer from my usual nature addiction to spend some time in the concrete jungle.



St. Basils Cathedral (Photo:

Russia is one of the most bizarre and mysterious countries in the world. Being the largest country, spanning over 9 time zones and bordering 14 other countries, Russia is also one of the most diverse countries. Russia has 160 ethnic groups that speak around different 100 languages. The architecture alone, makes me want to go there. From the incredible wooden structures of the UNESCO-listed Kizhi Island to the Kremlin in Moscow, there is no shortage of breathtaking buildings and churches. To be honest, I really don’t know much about the country, other than they drink copious amounts of vodka, dance, wear funny hats, make weird youtube videos and produce some of the most jaw dropping, beautiful women on the planet. All of which make Mother Russia, a must for my TOP 10.

Feel free to leave comments below! Tell me what countries you want to visit. If you have visited any of the aforementioned destinations , lets talk about all the places to go and not to go! Lets Get Weird!


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