How I Afford To Travel Full Time

I have been getting asked how I can afford to travel as mush as I do so I finally made a video about it.

For me it comes down to a few simple things: Sell everything, Travel by land, use cheap lodging, volunteer and Prioritize your spending.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!!


2 responses to “How I Afford To Travel Full Time

  1. All of those things… And a sprinkle of that ginger magic!! One day I’ll get to your level of awesomeness lol. 😉 hope all is well with you. Miss your face!! Stay safe!!


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  2. Very good video explaining in lamens terms how ANYONE can go where they want, see what they are missing and experience what they need to feel… good! Thanks bro for posting! We ALL were wondering! Ha ha love ya!

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