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My name is Brandon Collins. I am tattoo artist, adventurer, amateur anthropologist and professional smart ass from Reno, Nevada. For years I have been tenaciously searching for what ever it is that I am constantly struggling to find; most of the time it’s my keys.

As of June of 2016, I will have sold everything I own, quit my job and left my home town with only a passport, a backpack and a camera. I don’t know where I am going, nor do I know how long I’ll be gone. I will, however, be going, be moving; moving forward, the way I have always wanted to do; live my life for the purpose of living and not to just living to work; to defy the notion that we are defined by the things we own, instead by our experiences and the impact we make on the world around us.

Out of my love for tattooing, exploring, photography, story telling and restlessness, thatlifenomadic.com was born. With this, I intend to entertain, bewilder and hopefully inspire. These tales are (mostly) real, full of grammatical errors and curse words, a little brash, a lot sarcastic but most importantly they are, truly heartfelt. Please remember, these are all my exclusively my introspections and opinions (unless otherwise stated). I will NEVER claim to be an expert, nor will I expect you to take my word as scripture for I am just a keen observer of the world and of human kind. THANK YOU you for joining me on this journey while I take a unique look into the “other side” of travel and adventure via the eyes of a tattoo artist.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. I’d like to book an appointment for this upcoming tattoo expo in Hawaii. I wanted a price range on a Japanese sleeve or a leg piece. I am very interested in your work but I’d like to know your price range for those things(: hope to hear back from you. Aloha beandon.

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