EPIC ADVENTURE 2016 – Around the World in 3 Minutes

Although 2016 has been seemingly rough on so many people, I can honestly say it has been one of my best years so far. In 2016 I decided to sell all my belongings to travel the world. This is a compilation of my travel to 5 continents, 12 countries in just 6 months.

Nothing about this trip would have been anything to me if it wasn’t for the people I met, the friends I made, the couches I slept on, the shared beds and rooms. The generosity I was shown was so monumental, I won’t even begin to chip away at that karmic debt, before I kick the bucket.

Here’s to looking forward, to making things right, to empathy and tolerance. Here’s to not being afraid to jump head first into the deep end. Here’s to happiness and positivity. Here is to the next best year ever!

Countries visited this trip:

United States
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand

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